The Electric Flag – A Long Time Coming


Artist: The Electric Flag
Title: A Long Time Coming
Released: 1968
Format: Vinyl
Musicians: Michael Bloomfield, Harvey Brooks. Sivuca-Guitars, Barry Goldberg, Herbie Rich, Mike Fonfara-Keyboards, Harvey Brooks-Bass,Buddy Miles-Drums, Peter Strazza, Herbie Rich-Tenor Sax & Baritone Sax, Marcus Doubleday-Trumpet, Buddy Miles, John Court, Michael Bloomfield, Harvey Brooks, Marcus Doubleday, Nick Gravenites, Sivuca, Richie Havens, Joe Church-Perscussion, Richie Havens-Sitar, Paul Beaver-Moog Synth, Bob Notkoff, Julius Held, Leo Daruczek, George Brown, Charles McCraken-Strings
Producer: John Court
Engineer: Roy Segal

With a name like The Electric Flag, one thinks an image of a Psychedelic rock band. However, in this case that would be incorrect. The Electric Flag is an American Music Band, I would classify as Pop and Soul mostly.
Michael Bloomfield formed the Electric Flag in 1967, following his stint with the Butterfield Blues Band. The band reached its peak with the 1968 release, A Long Time Comin’, a fusion of rock, jazz, and R&B styles (the LP I’m reviewing here). Richie havens makes an appearance on this LP.

Side 1
-Killing Floor – This is a cover originally written by Howlin Wolf who recorded it in 1964. The song has been covered many times by many artists among them, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and The Electric Flag. This can be described as the pop-rock-funk version. It has a good bass line, but that’s about the only thing good about it in my opinion. I think the Led Zeppelin version is about the best.
-Groovin Is Easy – Original tune (Not much to say about it)
-Over-lovin You – This song has a heavy Martha Reeves feel with some James Brown mixed in.
-She Should Have Just – Nice use of acoustic guitar in this one.
-Wine – This is a rockabilly style rendition of a traditional song. (I had never heard it until now). It’s probably my favorite song on the LP. It’s a lot of fun.

Side 2
-Texas – An original blues song. Vocals are ok, but it just doesn’t feel like core blues to me. A lot of yelling goes on too.
-Sittin In Circles – This starts with a rain storm effect that continues through song, but in the background. I would describe this song as a pop ballad with psychedelic flavor and strings.
-You Don’t Realize – This is a ballad with deep forward bass
-Another Country – This is the longest song on the LP clacking in at 8:49. There is a Sitar drone, but being all too familiar with Sitar, this is more noise than musical note. It sounds as though the person playing it does not understand the instrument. I like the time changes through the song though. It goes from pop-psych and then after a big bridge that is pretty much Psychedelic noise, it then slips into a jazz-pop Santana sounding tune, then reverts back to psych pop to end.
-Easy Rider – This is a 50 second blues number

Sound: 5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars
Music: 5_Star_Rating_System_4_and_a_half_stars