The Ventures – Wild Thing


Artist: The Ventures
Title: Wild Thing
Released: 1966
Label: Dolton Records
Format: Vinyl
Musicians: Many line ups, but for this LP it was Don Wilson, Bob Bogle, Nokie Edwards, Mel Taylor
Producer: Joe Saraceno
Engineer: Ami Radani

The Ventures are an American instrumental rock band formed in 1958 in Tacoma, Washington. Founded by Don Wilson and Bob Bogle.

In the early 1960s “golden age of hi-fi”, with the novelty of stereo still in its experimental stages, the Ventures found their characteristic style of recording each instrument in either the extreme left or right channel, with little (if any) cross-over, enhancing the stereo effect to its fullest limits.The Ventures pioneered the use of special effects on such songs as “The 2000 Pound Bee”, recorded in late 1962, in which lead guitarist Nokie Edwards employed a fuzz distortion pedal.[citation needed] Edwards’ use of ‘fuzz tone’ predated the “King of Fuzz Guitar”, Davie Allan of The Arrows, by at least three years. In addition, Edwards was among the first to use the twelve-string guitar in rock. The 1964 The Ventures In Space album was a primer in the use of special guitar effects, and made pioneering use of ‘reverse-tracking’. The Ventures In Space, because of its ethereal space-like effects, was deemed an influence on the later 1960s San Francisco psychedelic generation, as well as being cited as a favorite by Keith Moon of the Who.
The band’s cover of the Tornados’ “Telstar” (released in January 1963) featured one of the first instances of flanging on a pop record. The song “Silver Bells” on The Ventures’ Christmas Album, released in November 1965, has one of the first recorded uses of a vocoder as a musical effect, voiced by Red Rhodes. Rhodes was responsible for devising many of the effects seen on Ventures records, and was the inventor of the fuzzbox.
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The Ventures are responsible for the theme to Hawaii 5-0. Their other big hit was Walk, Don’t Run.

This album is noted for its marked turn towards a heavier sound in comparison to earlier Ventures releases. Recorded directly after completing a tour of the central United States in the summer of 1966, the album presents The Ventures updating their sound to a “mod, go-go” style. Allmusic notes that the album is consistently “hard-edged” thanks to fuzztone Mosrites, and that the original instrumentals are better than throw-a ways. Leading off the album is a cover of The Troggs’ Wild Thing. The track features a “vocal” by Don Wilson, doing an impersonation of Peter Lorre reciting parts of the original lyrics, to humorous effect. The next track, Fuzzy and Wild, is the first of the original instrumentals, each of which included the word “wild” in the title. Wild and Wooly was not a Ventures original, but was originally called Murfreesboro by its composer, Danny Hamilton. Perhaps the oddest title belongs to How Now Wild Cow, a play on the phrase of elocution suggested by one of Mel Taylor’s sons.!

Sound quality of this LP is nothing spectacular, but not bad considering the era it was done and the experimental nature of it.

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