Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison


Artist: Johnny Cash
Title: At Folsom Prison
Released: 1968
Label: Columbia
Format: Vinyl
Producer: Bob Johnston

This is going to be a brief review as I just like Johnny Cash without really knowing why. I’m also somewhat picky of what I like from him.

If anyone has any Johnny Cash in their library, this album is most likely part of the collection.
This album was recorded live at Folsom prison obviously. The recording is quite good for how and where it was done. There is a noticeable noise floor on a couple of the tracks,but doesn’t really detract from the music if one accepts the recording for what it is.

Side 1: The first track is the title and the big start of the show. Most of the tracks are tempo on this side. The two more known songs are “Folsom Prison Blues” and “25 minutes to go”.

Side 2: Most of the songs on this side are slower tempo except “Jackson”. June Carter joins Johnny Cash on “Jackson” and “Give My Love To Rose”

There is plenty of interaction between Johnny and band members and audience and other sounds such as warden announcements and such one hears on this LP. In fact this album is still somewhat chilling if you sit and listen and note the prison announcements and such.

If you get the vinyl there is a write-up by Johnny Cash on the back that talks about the LP, which is reproduced. It would be next to impossible to read in a CD booklet if it is included in that version.

Music: 5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars