Burt Bacharach – Reach Out

Burt Bacharach

Artist: Burt Bacharach
Title: Reach Out
Label: A&M Records
Genre: Easy Listening/Pop
Format: Vinyl
Producer: Burt Bacharach
Engineer: Henry Lewy, Phil Ramone

This is my favorite LP by Burt Bachrach, it’s not a standard by which to understand his music, but it is straight forward and enjoyable on its own terms, a good snapshot of his sensibilities at the time.

Burt Bacharach is still with us at the age of 87, of course he is not doing music now. However, he was prolific with LPs, sound tracks, etc. As of 2014, Bacharach has written 73 US and 52 UK Top 40 hits. He has even been in some of the movies he has written for as a cameo. He had a partner who wrote lyrics, named Hal David. Much of the hits Burt Bacharach wrote were for Dionne Warwick. What’s interesting is that she does not appear on the Reach Out LP. All the vocals are taken care of by studio vocalists except for “A House Is Not A Home”, which he usually insisted on singing himself and he could never sing.
Burt also wrote many hits for the likes of Gene Pitney, Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield, Jackie DeShannon, Bobbie Gentry, Tom Jones, Herb Alpert, B.J. Thomas, The Carpenters, among numerous other artists.

Read more here:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burt_Bacharach

This is the vinyl version, in fact, it’s my dad’s original vinyl and despite the condition , which was not well cared for and played on questionable equipment, it plays ok. There are a number of clicks, but it’s still enjoyable. I also have the CD version and there is a big difference. The CD is harsh and sounds like it’s missing some stuff. For instance, on the vinyl one can hear subtle and detailed sounds of a triangle and clav on one song, not heard on the CD and brushes on a snare drum on another song which sounds like noise on the CD.

My favorite songs on this LP are: Alfie, Bond Street and The Look Of Love
Despite the title of Bond Street and its sound, it was not in the Casino Royale soundtrack.

Sound:5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars (despite the condition of the LP I was playing for this review)
Music: 5_Star_Rating_System_3_and_a_half_stars