Takstar Pro80 Headphones (Updated post)

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Takstar Pro 80
Frequency range: 15 Hz – 25 kHz
Ohms: 60
Style: Closed
Ear cups: Circumaural (over-the-ear)
Manufacture website for more info:http://www.takstar.com/en/product/detail-11-28-0-413

I got these on Amazon a while back and unfortunately it looks like they are not around anymore, however still shown on the manufacture’s webpage, so they may still make them, but finding them for purchase could be a challenge.
I took a chance and purchased these headphones in my quest for headphones that would give me detail and balance in a flavor I like. They are made in China as most headphones are, they appear to be knock-offs patterned after Beyerdynamics. I’m not a fan of the human rights policies in China or lack thereof, but there is almost no way to avoid Chinese made products because that is where most manufacturing is done for the US, UK and Germany, but I digress.  I have read about them and it was mostly fairly good things. For a pair of Chinese sub $100 cans, these are actually quite good. Of very interesting note, they come in a nice latched case, not a cheap cardboard box. In the case is a foam mold of course and a net-lined carry bag. What I wonder about is why a pair of seventy dollar headphones come in a nice case while headphones that cost 6 times and more come in cheap cardboard boxes with no protection?

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Build: Believe it or not (this was also a surprise to me besides the case), there is a good deal of metal on these cans. The outside driver housings are metal as are the adjusters. The headband is well padded and wrapped supple pleather vinyl. Ear pads are memory foam wrapped in that same pleather vinyl again. (I don’t like pleather ear cups). Fortunately, the ear pads are replaceable with after market pads. The other drawback is that the cable is not detachable. That said though the cable is good quality. Overall, these are fairly well made headphones in my opinion.

Sound signature:
Highs: Highs are clear with no distortion and present without being excessively bright or fatiguing and there is no excessive or errant sibilance that I can hear. I’ve heard a couple of Beyerdynamic models before and personally find them too bright for my taste. These Takstar cans sound more refined in the highs to me.

Mids: Mids are nicely present, both female and male vocals are nicely forward and clear. Percussion is dynamic without being over-bearing, really nice.

Lows/Bass: I find the bass is ever so subtly muddy, but fairly accurate. These cans do reach low enough, impact is slightly laid back, but bass is by no means lean.

Overall: These headphones have nice separation and near excellent detail which I was not expecting. They also have a seemingly wide sound stage where closed headphones are concerned which I attribute at least in part to the way these cans present placement or presence. Overall, these are fairly balanced cans without over-emphasis or drops on any one frequency range.

Comfort: Clamp force is just right, not too loose or tight, headband is comfortable as well. Ear cups are well padded and deep enough and fit most ears, however, I have average ears and found that while the cups fit around easy after about 30 minutes I noted that behind my ear lobes was kind of sore. Noise canceling is fairly good, but of course not perfect (if you happen to care about that).

I personally really like these headphones. I will be replacing the ear pads with aftermarket velour pads, which will be more comfortable to me and may help prevent that soreness I felt after 30 minutes. I just wish the cable was detachable.

Here’s a good review I found on YouTube: