KEF Speakers


KEF Speakers (R900 pictured above)

KEF has been around a long time and they know how to build a speaker. About 3 years ago, I heard their X300A powered digital bookshelf speakers and they sounded fantastic I recall. This was at a big high-end audio show I attended thinking I would find a CD player or affordable speakers. I was very much mistaken and walked away swearing I would never attend again (that changed as of last year). Anyway, the KEF X300A was one of the very few items that were affordable at the time, but I was not looking for bookshelf speakers. Somehow I just got suckered into the room for the demo of these.

Anyway, my focus is more on Hi-Fi.

Here’s everything you want to know about KEF speakers except how they sound to your ears, for that, you need to go hear them:

The other thing I can’t seem to find mentioned on the website for some reason, but that I know about, is that wizard speaker designer, Andrew Jones was with KEF for awhile as well, which at least partially explains why their speakers sound as good as they do.

Here I alert you to a few affordable models in their reference/high-end line. As always, you select and spend what you want:

Bookshelf Speakers:

Floorstand/tower speakers:

Yes, KEF also has very expensive speakers that they show at….uh, shows.

The thing to keep in mind with any of these manufactures is that just because a product is at a more affordable price does not always mean that it is somehow less in performance, satisfaction, etc. Sometimes it is more a matter of cosmetics than anything else. Also, the makes know what they are doing and they are not going to market an inferior product. Often times the same technology, design elements, etc. found in the uber-priced items trickle down the line to the other items. The bottom line will always be your ears.