Bel Canto Amps

Bel Canto offers some affordable fine audio amps in their line up.
Bel Canto has been around making fine audio products since 1991 and all are made in the USA.
I have heard at least one of their amps in the e.ONE series a number of times. The e.ONE line gear is small and very easy to fit into tight places, but the sound is big.

BelCantoVBS1__10343_zoom REF 500s stereo amp
REF 500s Stereo Amp

REF 150s Stereo Amp

bel-canto-c7r-932x460 C7R DAC  integrated amp
C7R DAC Integrated Amp Here’s a little video on the C7R via THE Show from the good folks at and YouTube:

C5i DAC Integrated Amp