Music Hall turntables

Music Hall MMF2.3

Music Hall is one of the bigger turntable manufactures around and they offer up a wide selection of what I consider affordable fine audio turntables.
All their turntables kind of each look the same although there are some slight variations. You won’t find anything dazzling here like the five figure tables out there, but function is more important than form, not to mention the dazzling tables require a mortgage. In my opinion, one does not need to spend five figures or more to get a very good turntable. Turntable performance is determined mostly from correctly matching components such as tone arm, cartridge, phono stage/preamp and certainly from set up.
I believe that one can get a turntable that well play records fabulously for well south of $5000.

The Music Hall MMF-2.3 turntable is a 2-speed, belt driven manual turntable at a budget price. Manufacture site:

Feature list
gorgeous high gloss piano black lacquer finish
special vibration damping adjustable feet
top tier 8.6” carbon fiber tonearm with aluminum headshell
low noise fully manual belt-drive design
separately isolated DC synchronous motor for superior speed stability
two-speed stepped motor pulley for 33⅓ and 45 rpm
music hall Spirit moving-magnet cartridge with replaceable
elliptical stylus
high precision stainless steel and bronze bearing assembly
high quality gold RCA connectors with detachable phono cable
full-size alloy platter and felt mat
dust cover and 45 rpm adaptor

Technical specifications
speeds 33⅓ rpm
(manual change to 45 rpm)
wow and flutter ± 0.10 %
speed deviation ± 0.80%
rumble max > – 68 db

Music Hall has updated some of their tables for 2016. Here’s a report from Michael Fremer of Analog Planet (used by kind permission):
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