Rega turntables

Rega RP6

Here’s where we start getting into the 4 digit turntables which in my opinion, are worth consideration if your system is or you are planning it to be a main well-heeled analog vinyl rig.

The RP6 is available in three stunning high gloss piano finishes (black, white and red). One can have a factory fitted cartridge for $500 more or get your own, which is my favorite option. It requires knowing a few things and making sure you choose something that matches up with the tonearm, but there are plenty of choices, which is why I like picking my own cartridge. Rega, incorporating many advanced features, the RP6 boasts some major advances in platter and motor control technology.

The RP6 features an innovative two piece platter design constructed from float glass, improving speed stability, accuracy and consistency. The inclusion of the RB303 tonearm and our custom TT-PSU offers advanced motor vibration reduction and the convenience of electronic speed change.
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Technical Specification
Hand assembled RB303 tonearm with stainless steel balance weight.
24v low noise motor.
Dual layer float glass platter.
Phenolic (lower) and metal faced (upper) bracing.
Precision main bearing & aluminium adaptor.
TT-PSU power supply electronic speed change.


For the curious, here are two videos: The first is a comparason of the Rega RP3 to the Rega RP6. The second video is a comparison of the Rega RP1, RP3 and RP6
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