TCC TC-750LC Audiophile phono preamp


The TCC TC-750LC “Audiophile” phono preamp is what it says on the unit itself. This is a very loose use of the term “audiophile” because it is only for moving magnet cartridges and has fixed capacitive and resistance loads offering no adjustments. The only adjustment it has is line level, which is handy.

This is the first phono preamp I ever bought. Why did I buy it? It was only double digits, that’s why. Actually, it’s not that bad for the price. It’s rather well-built with an all metal black anodized box and  gold-plated jacks. It worked rather well when I used it with my vintage system to record vinyl records to CD at first. Where things went in the other direction was when I tried to hook it up to my modern system with a table that had a Shure M97xE cartridge. The capacitance load on the preamp was all wrong for the turntable cables and cartridge.

12 volt DC operation; will work anywhere in the world
limited lifetime defective exchange warranty
output level control with >85dB range
RIAA freq response 20hz-20,000hz +/- 0.5dB, S/N ratio >85dB
THD <0.05%, input sensitivity 3.0mV, gain 40dB
Nominal / max output 300mV / 1.8V
Output impedance 1k ohm, input 47k ohm /220 pF
gold-plated jacks and black anodized metal casing
ground wire terminal; power indicator
includes AC adaptor, RCA cable and miniplug adaptor
142mm long / 73mm wide / 37mm high

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