Marantz NA6005 Network player


With audio technology being what it is today, we can’t leave out other sources. So for those of you into Tidal, Spotify or other on-demand music services for whatever reason and even just into storing your music on hard drive or some sort of music server, I’m including Network players and such.

First or among the first, there was the Logitech Squeezebox and Squeezebox Touch. (I still use one). These were/are able to stream every service there is and can play off USB drives, hard drives and network storage. They are very small too and while not able to play high-rez files or DSD and such, they actually have very good dacs in them and really do sound quite good. However, for some reason they were not on the market very long even though very popular as they were only around $250, they are long discontinued. You might still find one on the used market, but they are at a premium, I’ve seen them go for around $800 to $900!

For that amount of money you have more choices if not better choices in some way today. Enter the Marantz NA6005 Network player.

This gizmo will play high-resolution audio and DSD and features built-in Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® wireless streaming via dual Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antennas, and built-in Spotify Connect® music streaming via your home network as well as AirPlay® and internet radio. The NA6005 delivers superlative high-resolution audio via the reference-class CS4398 high current D/A converter that’s coupled with a dedicated jitter removal system, along with 2.8 and 5.6 MHz DSD file compatibility (the file format for high-resolution SACD).
Via the available Marantz Hi-Fi Remote App (iOS; Android™) you can easily operate the NA6005 from your favorite portable device, and the NA6005 also features a convenient front panel USB port for connection to portable devices and USB drives. The main difference between the NA6005 and it’s more expensive cousin, the NS8005 is that the NA6005 does not support coax digital in/out or USB in from PC.
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