Usherhouse – Molting



Artist: Usherhouse
Title: Molting
Released: 1993
Label: Cleopatra
Format: CD
Musicians: Brian Noughton – Guitar, Robert Hyman – Drums, Percussion, Bob Davidson – Bass, fretless bass, Ivan Hart – Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Jim Retterer – Keyboards
Producer: Steve Albini and Usherhouse
Engineer: Steve Albini, J. Paul Diaz, Usherhouse

Usherhouse is what I would call an Industrial-Goth group from Chicago, IL. They formed around 1991 and their last LP was Flux released in 1994.
I don’t have much more information on them other than the fact that I saw them live back in the late 90s at a club called Bogart’s (now long gone).

This CD is heavy on percussion and its live percussion, not a drum machine. However, it is a bit overdone. This album is also not mixed that well, guitars seem pushed back as well as the bass. Vocals seem to be fine though. That said though it’s a shame it was not mixed better because the music is good enough to deserve a better mix.

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