Vintage Audio Gear= old school is the foundation.

Got a piece of vintage audio gear or perhaps a whole system?
I love vintage audio gear, they just don’t make it like that anymore and haven’t since the late 1970s. Back then and before it used to be either made in Japan by hand or the U.S. or Germany. Those were the big three. For example, I have a Yamaha CR-2020 receiver that was hand-built in Japan, that’s just the way it was done. My vintage gear includes (I’ll also try to describe it from the point of my ears):

Marantz 2238b receiver (mine is circa 1978) = A mere 38 WPC, but more than enough power from this little guy. These were made 1977 to 1979. This is my smallest vintage receiver, but also one of my favorites. It falls after my Sansui for some reason. There is just something about it I like, but can’t put my finger on it to articulate it. Perhaps it’s just the unit itself being familiar to me from my youth and while back in the day I could not afford it (it was around $400 back then, power was not cheap like it is now), it resembles just about as fancy as I could go. It may look plain to a lot of folks, but to me, the humble simplicity of it is what is beautiful and the sound brings me back to those days. I worked on this one myself as it was in a terrible state when I got it. I replaced all the lights and reattached the tuning string and cleaned it up. It was somewhat rusted and stored in a humid closet for years before it was given to me. (Continued on page 2 below)

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