Lounge Audio

These guys make phono preamps and a couple of accessories. I’m focused on the preamps. In fact, it’s really a husband and wife team that are the sole employees of the company. Everything is hand-built too in the U.S. http://www.loungeaudio.com/

I visited  their booth at The Newport show this past June and learned that they have some exciting things planned for new products. For now though there are two phono preamps to choose from.

I have not personally heard or played with them, but I am convinced by those who have that they perform well above their price. They are made really well with attention to the smallest detail.
Personally, I am seriously thinking of getting one of their products myself, but I think I’ll wait until the new product is released to make my choice.


First there is the  LCR MKIII. This is directly a moving magnet preamp.

Some of the specs: (Read the rest on their site)
RIAA Equalization type: Passive LCR network
Gain: 40dB
Input impedance: 50k Ohm
Output impedance: 50 Ohm
Input capacitance: 100pf

Then there is the Copla:
This is actually designed to use with the LCR MKIII to make it possible to use moving coil cartridges with that preamp. They work together.

I was told that coming soon there is a new phono preamp that will be tube-based and work for both moving magnet and moving coil and will be adjustable.