What’s in the Record Bag- July 2016

I got skunked in June, but here are my vinyl record finds from July 2016

I found a rare copy of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. By “rare” I do not mean the pressing, label, cover, etc; but rather the condition. The copy I have that I already reviewed is ok, but like is so very common with this particular record, it has been played tons of times and has been to every house party on every turntable you can imagine. That’s why when I ran across this copy in VG+ condition or better for a Lincoln I grabbed it. It appears to be from a private collection judging by the sticker on it from the owner and it appears he took care of his records. So if it is truly better than the copy I have currently (I don’t see why not, but one doesn’t know until cleaning and playback), I’ll keep it and donate the other to my local record shop.

Rush – Signals = I have a few Rush albums on vinyl, but I also have most of their discography on redbook CD and then collected the 90s remasters on CD plus gathering the rest of the discography to date on which I prefer Rush. The 90s remasters are the best of them in my opinion. I just bought a few Rush LPs on vinyl just for giggles to compare and the vinyl is good, but for some reason the 90s remaster CDs are better to my ears. It’s a rare instance, but true.

Heart – Little Queen – This LP is a masterpiece and only available on the Portrait label. Sadly, it was never remade on say the Mobile Fidelity label or what have you. My current copy is ok, but this copy I picked up for $2 (dealer just offered it in spite of the sticker) might be a bit better.

CCR – Green River– CCR records are hard to get as it is. They are usually over-priced for some reason and in rough shape if you do see them. I was missing this from my collection and finally found it, which appears to be in good shape for $2.

Steppenwolf – The Second – this record is in rough shape, but the dealer was adamant about me hearing it and so gave it to me for a one spot. I don’t know if it will turn out listenable or not until I get to cleaning it.

Led Zeppelin – Presence = Very good condition and only $4. It is rare that you see Led Zep LPs in any condition for $4. They command a premium usually.

The Beatles – Hey Jude = Appears to be in very good shape. This was one of the records I used to have back in the 70s that I bought new and made the mistake of giving away in the mid 80s. Beatles records go for high dollars used, no matter the condition. I got lucky finally and picked this up for a fiver.

DSCF0231 DSCF0232
Karl Bohm and the Berlin Philharmonic – Mozart-The early symphonies Nos 1-24 = Ok, with classical records you almost can’t go wrong. I happen to have wanted one more box set of Mozart. (I have two of Beethoven, so…you know). Not only are used classical records usually in extremely good condition, but this box set happens to be pressed in Germany, which is spectacular. The big thrill is that I picked up this 7 record box set for $2. It says it is missing one record on a note, but so what, who cares, not me. The old adage of not looking a gift horse in the mouth comes into play with stuff like this.