The contest of music media, the pros and cons.

Are there differences in sound quality between the mediums? You bet there are. Are any of them able to claim a monopoly and be the very best? The short answer in my opinion is “no”. It really depends on the recording in the first place, a bad recording will be bad on any medium and like it or not, it also depends on a person’s preferences and means and there is nothing wrong with that.

Who really wins? Well, when you look at it for what it is, the consumer wins in the end, even with the pros and cons weighed out. Each medium has its pros and cons which makes comparing them a little more complicated than just saying one absolutely dominates the other. In fact, we can’t say that because the advantages and disadvantages of each are actually mutually exclusive even though the end goal if delivering music is the same when you look at each one. So it would be like saying the color green is better than the color blue. Instead we should perhaps, look at why the color green is good for one thing and not for another and the same with the color blue. Where does it work and where does it not work and so on.

For example: One big advantage of vinyl is archival in its stability as a storage medium and potential to last forever if cared for. Yet on the other hand vinyl is easily scratched or warped to the point of being unplayable.
A CD is convenient, which was a big part of the whole point of the marketing and seemingly non-destructive, but that has been proven false and they can be damaged just as easily as vinyl and rendered unplayable easier.
Streaming is the ultimate in convenience or is it? Takes up less room, millions of songs at demand, but it’s rented and can be expensive and failure of the storage device is inevitable.

So as you can see, it’s really more of a mixed bag than an absolute A vs B. Want to know more details?
You can read about them here in my article:

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