The Association – Renaissance

Artist: The Association

Genre: Classic rock, Vocal group, Pop
Released: 1967
Label: Valiant Records
Format: Vinyl
Musicians: Gary Alexander – lead guitar, lead and backing vocals, koto, Jim Yester – rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals, harpsichord, piano, bells, Russ Giguere – rhythm guitar, backing and lead vocals, percussion, Terry Kirkman – recorder, lead and backing vocals, flugelhorn, tambourine, piano, percussion, Brian Cole – bass, backing vocals, Ted Bluechel, Jr. – drums, backing and lead vocals, percussion, bells, maracas, effects
Producer: Jerry Yester
Engineer:Henry Lewy

Renaissance is the second album by The Association. This was their last album recorded for the Valiant Records label, and was reissued by Warner Bros. Records after the company acquired Valiant.
In 1967, Warner Bros. absorbed the Valiant label and reissued this album along with the group’s first album, And Then…Along Comes The Association. However, unlike the first album’s reissue, all known Warner Bros. copies of Renaissance were issued in original, unaltered album covers in which all Valiant identifications were kept intact.

This recording I have is kind of thin sounding, but not bad. This is not the most robust LP from this group, but it’s not bad.

I’m not going to go through each track on this one, but I’ll highlight a couple I like.
I’m the One – To me, this has a slight Monkees flavor, but it’s not my favorite song.
Memories of You – This is the start of the sound this group is known for.
Pandora’s Golden Heebie Jeebies – This is the typical cosmic 60’s lyrics thing going on here.
You May Think – This is a very up tempo tune that is rare for this group
No Fair At All – The single version of “No Fair at All” featured overdubbed vocals by Jim Yester, while early pressings of the LP featured the same track with re-recorded vocals and no overdubs. This was replaced on later copies with the single version.
You Hear Me Call Your Name – This is another unusual up tempo song for this group.


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