Acoustic Signature Turntables – Wow and Wow XL

Acoustic Signature is one of those fine audio turntable companies that make tables most of us can only dream about owning, but as of two or maybe three years ago they now offer up a couple of turntables that are more affordable. While they do not look quite as fancy as their higher priced ones, they are the same quality and that’s where it counts.


The WOW XL (pictured above) is a bit over 2G sans tone arm, but you can stick a Rega arm on it to get it out the door for four more Benjamins. What this also allows one to do is to slowly move on up to more elaberate tone arms later. It may sound like a lot for a turntable and I wouldn’t go for it if it is your first table, but apart from that, this is a German made table and true entry level high-end. Available in black or white.
Here’s a piece from Michael Fremer of Analog Planet:


The WOW table (pictured above) is quite a bit less sans tone arm, but again a Rega arm or similar will get it out the door. Available in black or white.
Here’s a little piece from Michael Fremer of Analog Planet (used by permission):