What’s in the record bag September 2016

It’s near end of September when I attend my local record fair like clock-work. The last Sunday of every month except August and December is when it happens. Maybe i can call it church because perhaps a lot of praying goes on, like one prays they will find some good records, dealers pray they will make some money, etc. We could call it the Church of G.O.D. (Great Orbiting Disc)…….ok, maybe not, I let my imagination off its leash and this is what happens.

Anyway, once again it’s time for “What’s In The Record Bag” the September installment.

So here is what I picked up at the fair:

dscf0236 You know, I actually thought I had kept this record from before, but I discovered I made the mistake of keeping the CD version instead back in the foolish 80s. Big mistake! So now I once again have the vinyl version. The album I had also had the full booklet in it and so does this one, got to have that. I just can’t remember what pressing I had it was either the rainbow ring label from Capitol or the red label from Capitol as this one is. Well, as long as it sounds good. The booklet is intact and the cover and record appear to be in good shape.

dscf0238 As you might already know me by now, I take to this type of thing like a moth to a flame. Yes, I picked up another compilation record. This is a two record set with 24 songs on it. It looks to be sponsored by a radio station and on the inside fold has pictures of the DJs with their time slots looking like they came out of the town of Tombstone and they happen to be photographed in a graveyard, go figure.

dscf0241 This one has been on my list for a while and i just picked it up for $1!! It is also the Mono version, so that sweetens it more! Sure the cover is not so great, but who cares about that? The record has been played like crazy and has lots of hairline surface scratches, BUT those won’t be heard because it is a mono record and that’s even better.

dscf0242Yes, I just had to find a weird one. Apparently, this is a Mod orchestra or something and they play the hits you see listed, including Hey Jude. So we will see what this sounds like eventually. When it comes to records you have to love a good musical mystery adventure.