Ray Lynch – No Blue Thing

Artist: Ray Lynch
Genre: New Age/Lifestyle, ambient
Title: No Blue Thing
Label:Windham Hill
Format: CD
Musicians:Ray Lynch – keyboards, classical guitar,Tom Canning – “guitar” keyboards on “Clouds Below Your Knees”,Timothy Day – flute, Julie Ann Giacobassi – oboe and English horn, Amy Hiraga – violin, David Kadarauch and Peter Wyrick – cello, Basil Vendryes and Geraldine Walther – viola
Producer:Ray Lynch
Mastered by Bernie Grundman
Mixed by Ray Lynch and Daniel Ryman

No Blue Thing is Ray Lynch’s fourth album. This is an instrumental album and artist. Sometimes labeled as “Adult Alternative” I find “New Age/Lifestyle” to be more fitting.
While it sounds like it’s mostly synthesizer and while that is the featured instrument, also included as you can see in the credits are real strings and woodwinds, which give the music a fuller, more natural sound.
Naturally, this is made for CD, which is why it sounds good in that format.

“No Blue Thing” – To me, this is a happy sounding song. I kind of picture walking through a nice neighborhood on a sunny day.
“Clouds Below Your Knees” – This is a pleasant, but not quite as happy sounding song as the first. The violin lends a dampening on it. It’s kind of a song for reflection on an overcast day to my mind.
“Here & Never Found” – This is just a beautiful somewhat majestic sounding song to me.
“Drifted in a Deeper Land” – To me, this is a relaxing tune, perhaps a little like a lazy Sunday afternoon feel.
“Homeward at Last” – This is my least favorite. There is too much echo making it somewhat disturbing.
“Evenings, Yes” – Here is another pleasant track. I kind of liken it to a relaxing Saturday afternoon in a tea garden. That’s what my mind pictures anyway.
“The True Spirit of Mom & Dad” – Interesting title to this 8 minute odyssey. I don’t know what it refers to, perhaps his parents? I get nothing from it.

MUSIC: 5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars
SOUND: 5_Star_Rating_System_5_stars

Evenings Yes: https://youtu.be/lysfGxcsTz0
Here and Never Found: https://youtu.be/TjFYRBhGfUo

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