Antony De Gennaro – Date With Another World

Artist:Antony De Gennaro
Genre: Rock
Title: A Date With Another World
Released: 2006
Label: Ant-Man
Format: CD
Musicians: Antony De Gennaro
Producer: Antony De Gennaro

And that is as much that is known about this album folks. It is out of print as far as I understand. This artist is known for more acoustic styling, but with this album he busts out some rock that will knock your socks off.

He kept it simple with one word titles to the songs. The album starts out with some electric rock on a song titled, “Shape”. The second track called “Nightmare” is an acoustic rock style with a psychedelic flavor and contains vocals.
We come to the third track titled, “Disciple” which starts interestingly enough with some environmental sounds and keyboard that builds slowly with guitar, drums, etc. into a jam sort of number. It’s like a great train ride that one can sit back and enjoy. Coming off that track we get to track 4 titled, “Take Me”, which is another acoustic song that also includes lyrics. This is a great song about a future society of humans as seen from an alien point of view. Following that track is No.5, which is more of a blues flavored song called “Ledge”. To me it has a sunset feel to it, like a soundtrack that you can sit and enjoy a sunset to.
Track #6 is titled, “Curve” and has an interesting atmosphere done with guitar effects. It’s almost psychedelic, but not quite. It is also a jam type tune.
Track #7 is another acoustic tune called, “Date”, which also contains lyrics. This is kind of a strange track, but enjoyable, like a strange Beatles tune, but not a direct copy of such.
We arrive at the closer track, “Stars” This is sort of a reprise in its sound, but it is not a reprise. It is however, one of the best jams I’ve ever heard though.
I’m just sorry there are no YouTube videos for these songs available.


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