IsoAcoustics Aperta speaker isolation stands


Here’s an accessory that I would not have believed actually makes an easily heard difference if I didn’t experience it myself, IsoAcoustics Aperta isolation speaker stands
I normally don’t buy into stuff like this as much of it is not needed in real world or worse still, is high priced snake oil. That is not the case here though.
I walked into the room showing these by mistake because like I said I just avoid the stuff. However, they were demonstrating these in the context of reality and I was compelled to spend time investigating. They had two pairs of good sized and good quality bookshelf speakers on stands. Speakers where the same brand as were the stands which were also the same brand and type and there was but one source and amp, etc. (I forget the brand names and models as I did not write them down, but it doesn’t matter). The point is that they were doing it right.
First they played a random selection through the speakers that sat direct on the wood speaker stands, then they did the same with the speakers on the Aperta isolation stands on the same wood stands and there was a clear difference. The speakers on the Aperta iso-stands had nicer staging and clarity in the lows and highs. The sound was more balanced as well. The best part is that one did not have to strain or imagine the difference, it was clear as day. Then to be sure, they played another selection and switched back and forth between the speakers every 30 seconds and that made the point.

The surprise was the cost of these iso-stands. Normally, I have seen many others of the same idea go for up to four digits! I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d rather spend four digits on speakers with low diminishing returns than some tiny gizmo with high diminishing returns. Well, these Aperta stands will not break the bank or the wallet, they are reasonably priced in the very low three figures at worst. On top of that , they are also adjustable as to tilt angle too. They have them in different sizes depending on your speakers. The largest ones can be used with small floor-stand speakers that are not too tall as well. (They do offer modular systems for large floor speakers and sub-woofers. Of course, those will cost more, but I imagine not as much as some other iso-products). Ideally though, they are great for bookshelf speakers.