Andre Feriante – Serenade

Artist: Andre Feriante
Genre: world, flamenco,solo guitarist
Released: 1997
Label: Lumar Records
Format: CD
Musicians: Andre Feriante

Andre Feriante is a Segovia-trained guitarist/composer, he has introduced a sensual and contemporary sound to an otherwise traditional genre. His creative blend of classical, flamenco and Brazilian styles speaks to people from all walks of life.
It starts off with the title track “Serenade”, which is obviously a Spanish style song. It is followed by the track “Euphoria Hotel” that has a feel to it that would be great for dinner or coffee background music…hey, perhaps they use it in the Euphoria Hotel restaurant? Track three, “Romance Pour Guitare” is another Spanish style song that would also be good for the same purpose. Track four, “Lucid Air” is a more upbeat tune that is a good listen as it is a bit to follow. Track five, “Yesterday’s Flamenco” has a more flamenco style as the title implies, but there is spoken word in it, which in my opinion deters the whole feeling of it, not my favorite track. This is followed by a dull song in my opinion titled “Caress”.
For some reason still not clear to me, I like track seven, “Gypsy Ballet”. Track eight, “Sweet Distance” is another track that to my mind is great for background music. Track nine, “Phantom of the Matador” is another good listening track, while track ten, “Celtic Lullaby” has a title that does not really fit the album and just sounds ok to me. Track eleven, “Sketches” is yet another good listen as is the closing track, “First Tear”.

Overall, this is a good album and the sound quality is very good for CD.



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