What’s in the Record Bag October 2016

Here we are again with another installment of “What’s in the Record Bag”. Yes, I just got back from my monthly outing for records and so I will show you what I picked up.

This first one may confuse you, but:

dscf0245 Ok, I know, you are asking yourself, “what is this, I thought this was about music”? It is about music, but once in a blue moon one runs across something rare that must be picked up. These Star Trek records are quite valuable now and while maybe not quite as much as a Leonard Nimoy LP or what have you, these story LPs are none the less of high value. No, I will not be doing a review of this, I just picked it up so I would not feel stupid for not buying it for a couple of dollars. Besides, I’m a fan of the original series anyway. Just thought I would show you because it was in the bag anyway.

dscf0247 I just reviewed their “Spirit of 76′” LP I will be posting soon. That record was surprising good (Mono version) and so I saw this one noting that not only is it also the Mono version (which I think is the best for these), but it also shows some covers of other popular songs such as The Rolling Stones “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” among others and I just have to hear their rendition of it.

dscf0246 I ran across this early Moody Blues LP, one of their first and no not just because it has a #1 on it. I don’t know why that is there yet, but the name of the LP is “Go Now” technically speaking. This is on the London label and it is a monaural pressing and not seen often, so I feel lucky to have run across it. It is a bit on the hammered side, but for $2 and my skills, perhaps I can do something.

dscf0244 This elusive little devil finally showed! I’ve been looking for this LP for 4+ years and have only seen it two other times. It is not a rare record, but for some reason also not often found. The first time I saw it that one was in far better condition and rather expensive (I recall around $40), so I did not pick it up. The second one I saw was in similar shape to this one and they wanted $20 for it, still too rich for me, especially used in fair condition at best. Yes, this one has condition issues such as the fact that the owner used bad tape to repair the cover, but I don’t care. Why don’t I care? Well, for one thing I am not a collector wanting to resell records, I buy records to listen to. The investment to me is the music, not any perceived monetary value of any record. Not only that, but seeing the tape as it were, tells me that this is an original one owner record, so that authenticates it for me.

dscf0243 Ok, so yes, another box set. You know me by now that I can’t resist a good box set and the like, especially for as little as $5. So I had to get this one.