Sugarcube by Sweetvinyl

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No, this is not a song by some artist, but it is technical art, if you will. This product is called “SugarCube” invented and manufactured by a company called Sweet Vinyl.  It’s a Hi-Res All-In-One vinyl digital recording platform with some serous tricks.
The SugarCube is an all-in-one solution that makes high-quality, high-resolution digital recordings of vinyl pressings using SweetVinyl’s™ proprietary software. SweetVinyl’s technology includes automatic LP metadata identification, user-selectable click and pop removal, and novel front-panel push-button USB recording.
Read more here on their website:

I visited their room at the Newport Audio show back in June of this year. At that time I learned that there are to be three models, one is the recording model you see here that records to a flash drive and is slated to be around $2000, and the other a non-recording model that just eliminates pops and clicks that is slated to run less than $1000 and finally there is one that is supposed to have a built in harddisk to facilitate network play, but I forget the TBA price.

Now two grand may seem a lot for this device, but it has its points. Now, I have a Tascam stand alone CD recorder that I use, but there is at least twice the work involved as there is with the SugarCube. With my machine, if i want to do it right, I record to a CDRW and then copy it into my PC where I then run it through sound engineering software carefully taking care of clicks and pops best I can, which i admit is pretty good, but not perfect. I then have to re-check levels and run another filter or two and just takes time. One also has to kind of know what one is doing. With the SugarCube much of that is taken care of automatically. In addition, the click and pop removal aspect or software is incredibly good. It gets things near perfect without any degradation to the sound quality. I’ve used other click and pop removal software my self and much of it makes the music sound severely compressed, worse than MP3 and some of the needed frequencies don’t roll off, they fall off a cliff. I found it better to do my own through filters, but it is labor intensive. The SugarCube does all this automatically and gets it right.
On top of that it also displays the metadata. You can also record to many different formats, both lossless and lossy if you want.

Now the recording model may be a bit pricey, but you don’t need any other special gear and you don’t need expensive gear. In the demo I saw they were using a $200 turntable through an inexpensive phono preamp (I forget which one) and that’s it. If I did not have my Tascam set up I would consider the SugarCube strongly. In fact, having said that, I am still considering it as I have many more records to go to digitize so I can take them with me where ever.

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