Forever Changing Compilation CD

Artist: Various
Genre: Indie and Alternative Rock
Title: Forever Changing
Label: Beechwood Music

Ok, you know by now that I like compilation albums and such and it doesn’t matter if it is vinyl or CD. This particular one I picked up used for next to nothing and it is a French import. What difference that makes in CDs, I don’t know.
Anyway, this is a compilation disc of bands (mostly from the UK) from the 1990s. There is some great music on here composed of Brit pop, psychedelic, indie.

1 –Blur: I Know (Extended) – Straight up 90s Brit pop and a generous helping too. Good groove to this one. This song is not from any Blur LP, it appears to have been done for this CD. That is not uncommon, other artists have made songs exclusively for compilations.
2 –The Real People: Open Up Your Mind (Let Me In) -The Real People are an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1988.
3 –World Of Twist: Sons Of The Stage – World of Twist were an English indie pop band, formed in Sheffield in 1985.
4 –The Impossibles: Delphis – UK electronic downtempo act of the early 1990s. This is one of my favorites of the CD and female vocals get me every time.
5 –Swirl: Helicopter – Swirl were a Sydney, Australia-based indie rock band, forming around 1990 and breaking up in 2002.
6 –Poppy Factory: 7 x 7- The Poppy Factory were a band from Bradford, England, signed to Chrysalis Records. This is my least favorite on the CD
7 –Ocean Colour Scene: Yesterday Today – Ocean Colour Scene (often abbreviated to OCS) are an English rock band formed in Moseley, Birmingham, in 1989. This is another example like Blur above where the song was created for the compilation.
8 –The Hollow Men: Pantera Rosa – The Hollow Men were a British indie band from Leeds, England. The group named itself after the poem by T. S. Eliot.
9 –The High: Take Your Time – The High are an English rock group from Manchester, who combine the late 60’s style pop and psyche guitar sound. Another favorite of mine – the track just has that sound, if you know what I mean.
10 –Ever: Really Tired – There is no info on these guys, but it is like the previous track, just has that sound.
11 –Rain: Lemonstone Desired – No, not the Beatles tribute band (though I must mention that Rain tribute band is one of the very best). This Rain were an alternative rock band from Liverpool, England, who had a minor hit in 1991 with “Lemonstone Desired”.
12 –The Clouds: Set Free To Be Me – I’m not sure if this is the band from Australia or not. The Australian band has female vocalists, but this could be an outtake. At any rate it is another favorite of mine. This tune is almost a mix of psychedelic and goth if there is such a mix?


The Impossibles – Delphis:

The Clouds – Set Free To Be Me

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