Various Artists – When Thunder Sleeps

Artist: Various

Genre: Electronic, New Age, Style: Tribal, Ambient
Title: When Thunder Sleeps-A journey into the world of Spotted Peccary Music
Label: Spotted Peccary Music
Released: 1997
Format: CD
Artists: David Helping, Jon Jenkins/Paul Lackey, John Flomer’s Primal Cinema, Bruce FitzSimmons, Greg Klamt, Brain Laughter, J. Arif Verner, Deborah Martin

Since the mid-1980′s, the Spotted Peccary Music record label has been on a mission to develop, produce, publish and release ultra high quality, deep listening experiences that engage the listener and exceed expectations. When Thunder Sleeps is a thrilling collection of some of the more driving, upbeat selections from the label’s early years, a time when Spotted Peccary’s exciting new releases were beginning to explore the worlds of Ambient Electronic, Classic Berlin-School, Ethereal Atmospheric, Spacemusic, Rock, Pure Acoustic and more; challenging the standard sound of 90’s “New Age” music and transcending any boundaries previously imposed by the genre.

When Thunder Sleeps is a wonderful look back at an exciting time when Spotted Peccary’s dedication to music and art began to flourish, and the label’s unique sound began to thrive.

As you can see, this is a compilation album. It’s mostly synthesizers, but that’s ok too as synths are legitimate instruments in my book.

Here’s my breakdown of the tracks and how they made me feel and such. Of course, it may different to many people in how they are effected or what the music does for them:

“Storm Chaser-David Helping” = This track has an American Indian flavor to it with nice ambient percussion.
“First Breath”-Jon Jenkins/Paul Lackey = Remember, this is all synthesizers. This is an ok track, but doesn’t really take me anywhere.
Prelude to Rising Land”-John Flomer’s Primal Cinema = This track has an Asian flavor. I can close my eyes and let it take me through a modern Japan, but more countryside than city, kind of a overall view in a sense.
“Tamalpais”-Bruce FitzSimmons = This is one of the semi-mellow tracks and one of my favorites on the CD. The unique thing about this one is that real acoustic guitar is used and everything else is synths. The music doesn’t really take you anywhere, but I feel it is not meant to. It’s just a great listen.
“Flotatio”-Greg Klamt=This track kind of feels like you are floating on water slowly down a calm river.
“Moving Forward”-Brain Laughter=This one has a very subtle asian flavor to it in my opinion. It’s sort of a interlude to me.
“Stark Raven”-Greg Klamt= This is another one of my favorites. This track has really nice depth. It’s one of those songs where you close your eyes or listen in a darkened room.
“In Lucid Dreams”-J Arif Verner=This is a more atmospheric track, another one where can close your eyes or listen to in a darkened room. To me it kind of gives the sense of being in a comfy space vehicle with a big window and just floating through a dream space or something.
“Nymphea (water lilies)”-Deborah Martin= This one is sort of a interlude type track too. Again, just close your eyes and listen.
“Descent of the Hunter Gatherers”- John Flomer’s Primal Cinema=This is an up energy track that has a slight primal feel to it, but not dramatic. It’s almost cartoon like or Disney like with the funny alien voices used.
“The Hunt”-Brain Laughter=This has a primal aboriginal feel to it and is an interlude.
“Ruminations of a Pensive Camel”-Greg Klamt=This is another atmospheric track with good depth. It gives a sense of ancient Egypt and like one is traveling through the underworld on a boat on a river through various gateways in accordance with ancient Egyptian beliefs.
“Aeolian Atmospheres”-J. Arif Verner=This is another interlude with an asian flavor
“Behind The Mask”-Jon Jenkins/Paul Lackey=This track gives a feel of Aztec or Myan civilization. It gives the feel of floating above and through mayan or Aztec ruins.
“Flight”-Brain Laughter=This does have sort of a flight feel to it, but not sure  where it is supposed to go if anywhere.
“Midnight”-Deborah Martin=This is my least favorite track on the CD, just doesn’t do anything for me.
“End of an Era”-David Helping=This is another good track to close your eyes and listen to. Kind of like a slow travel through a starry sky. This is another of my favorite tracks.


Stark Raven – Greg Klamt
Descent Of The Hunter Gathers:
End Of An Era:

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