It’s 100% Whole Wheat,…

So it’s good for you if you aren’t allergic. Oh, did you think this was a nutrition article? No, I’m not branching out into unrelated subjects. 100% Whole Wheat is a band.


Artist: 100% Whole Wheat
Title: Self-Titled
Genre: Rock, Country-Rock
Label: AVI Records
Musicians:Blair Anderson-vocals, drums, percussion, Michael Fleetwood-vocals electric guitar, Jerry Field-bass, backing vocals, Nick Pepper-vocals, keyboards, Mark Seamons-keyboards, backing vocals, Robert Morphis-vocals, percussion, drums
Producer:James Pike, Ed Cobb
Engineer:Ed Cobb, David La Barre, Galen Senogles, Rick Hart
Mastering engineer: Mike Reese

There is little to no information on this band save the back of the album cover. They did two LPs and this is the debut. They do thank some well-known artists in the credits: Glen Campbell for hanging around, Fleetwood Mac for lending equipment, Lindsey Buckingham for banjo and Liberace for the use of one of his pianos.

Overall it’s a decent LP but it also suffers from one anomaly: It appears something either was not paid attention to in the recording or in the mix, because the drums are very forward in spots where they overtake everything else making it sound like the levels are uneven or like nobody was paying attention to them.

Side 1:
Down Hill From Here: This is a standard rock style song, but with a good hook structure. Reminiscent of a slightly rocked up Eagles.
She’s No Fool: This one sounds like The Eagles meets Crosby, Stills & Nash. It’s a good song except the drum levels are uneven and too forward kind of ruining the feel and flow of the song.
Janet: This is just a good song, not much more to say about it.
Love’s Sweet Lies: This ballad has some good harmonies, but the lead vocal could have been better, fairly standard.
Queen Of The Pizza Parlour: I thought by the title that this one might be something whimsical, but no. It sounds very much like The Eagles, just an OK song.

Side 2:
Rock Me Down Below: This is one of the two strongest songs on the LP in my opinion. It starts with some environmental thunderstorm sound and then is pretty much all acoustic. It sounds like a Crosby, Stills, Nash rock song. Towards the end, the electric instruments kick in and bring it to  full rock close.
Savin The World For Our Children: A familiar theme indeed. This is the second of my favorites from the LP. It sounds like America doing a Crosby, Stills, Nash style song.
Mr. Wagon Man: Just your standard soft rock song
Girl In The Second Row: This one is sort of a soul-rock style.
Will She Love You: This is a typical seventies rock sound. Sort of sounds like “Witchy Women” by The Eagles.

SOUND:5_Star_Rating_System_4_stars (Would have been 5 were it not for the drum levels)

Rock Me Down Below:

Savin The World For Our Children:

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