Oppo UDP-203 is coming


Oppo is coming out with a new universal disc player soon reported to be priced the same as the unit it replaces (the BDP-103D) which is half way to four digits. For those whom don’t know, a Universal Disc Player is one that plays Blue Ray, DVD video, DVD-A (audio), SACD, CD, and all manner of discs except mini discs, but who uses those anymore?
These universal players are reported to have at least two different lasers in which to properly read said discs instead of relying on say a blue laser to do everything. If you have ever played CDs through a DVD player you will know why you want a dedicated player or indeed a good universal player.

Oppo makes some of the most popular, if not the most popular universal players. They are known for the BDP-103 and BDP-105. The real difference between the coming UDP-203 and the BDP players is that the new UDP-203 is 4K Ultra HD capable and has native DSD decoding, where as the BDP units do not have those things. With the BDP units, while capable of DSD, one has to use one HDMI output on a certain setting. With the new player it is native meaning that it is ready to go, no special settings or output port restrictions.
In fact, the UDP-203 is replacing the BDP-103 and rumor has it that it will be the same price. We like that around here, more abilities and/or significant improvement for little to no extra money.
This also makes one anticipate a similar replacement for the more expensive BDP-105D, but no word on that yet.

The UDP-203 is reported to be released this month (December 2016) and if I were a betting man, that would mean most likely about a week before xmas.