Sweet Vinyl update

Remember I told you about the Sweet Vinyl Sugar Cube products some months ago.

Well, here is an update (provided by Michael Fremer) on the products. There are two incredible products. One can record as well as remove clicks and pops without degradation to the music and the other does the same, but does not record. They are not inexpensive devices, but you get a ton for the money. If you have the scratch and really desire one of them, it is well worth pursuing in my opinion. I demoed their beta versions twice ans was impressed each time. Now they have added some stuff and really impress.

From Michael Fremer Analog Planet: http://www.analogplanet.com/content/sweetvinyl-sc-1-and-sc-2-and-running-ces-2017#mZwvHhPyxH5gr7LU.97