Franco Serblin Lignea speaker

Reading and watching reports on CES 2017 from my friend Michael Fremer I was able to learn about some new “affordable high-end” items coming soon, not to mention other interesting things.

First up is a pair of speakers that hit the top of the “affordable range” I have called the Lignea model. They are tower speakers in the true sense. They have an art deco look about them.

Included in that room is a very expensive but beautiful turntable placed well outside the range of this blog. On another interesting note from the same place Accuphase (one of my favorite looking gear makes of all time) has or is coming out with a new integrated amp as you will note in the video. The interesting bit is that while still out of affordable range for us, it does happen to be a new price point for Accuphase. Normally, the Accuphase gear is frighteningly expensive, but the new integrated amp is $5000, which for Accuphase is very aggressive.  It is also a glimmer of hope for future maybe.

Here is is the link and video from Michael Fremer: