England Rocks Anglo File Vol 1 – Various Artists

Artist: Various

Genre: Rock, Classic Rock, Pop Rock, Pop
Title: England Rocks Anglo File Vol 1
Label: Epic
Format: Vinyl

Some of you know my penchant for picking up sampler records and other related novelties, so here’s another one.
This is the first in a 3 record series called England Rocks Anglo File. The particular copy I have happens to be a promo copy, but the only thing different is the gold leaf stamp stating so on the cover.

Sound-wise, this happens to be a good pressing and seems to be analog sourced, but being that the record itself is from the 80s while the songs (Mostly by the original artists, by the way) are from the 70s, I have to assume that the tapes were properly kept or back-ups made with consistency.
My one gripe is that the songs are the shortened versions and fade out early. Not all various artists records are like that thank goodness, but it is the risk you take when you pick one of these up. (It’s also very fortunate that the only way to get these types of records is used and they don’t fetch a lot, so I’m in for a couple of dollars, if that).

So let’s dig in.

The Zombies – Time Of The Season: One of my favorites. This is a sixties Psychedelic style song and one of their hits.
Cafe Jacques* – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City: Until now I had never heard of this artist. See, this is why picking up records like this can be fun. One gets to discover. It’s just an OK song in my opinion.
Crawler – Stone Cold Sober: Here is another artist I was unaware of. This track is a seventies dance/soul style. While not really my thing, this is a good example of the virtue of vinyl records. The sound quality of the record allows one to give a song style they may not care for a good listen anyway just because the sound quality is pleasing to the ear.
Colin Blunstone – I Don’t Believe In Miracles: Yet another artist I had not heard of. I will say though that this is my least favorite track. It’s an adult contemporary ballad style and the thing that makes it unappetizing in my opinion is that the vocals are bad, not in sound quality, but the singer. It’s sung all in falsetto as well.
Russ Ballard – Winning: I had forgotten about this song. It was a flash one hit wonder. This song is a seventies rock style.

Side 2
The Tourists – I Only Want To Be With You: I’ve never heard of this artist either. This is an eighties remake or cover of an older song written by Mike Hawker and Ivor Raymonde and released by British singer Dusty Springfield under her long-time producer Johnny Franz. This artist was actually the second to remake or cover the song. The Bay City Rollers were the first ones to remake it.
The Fabulous Poodles – Mirror Star: Never heard of this artist either. This is another seventies style rock song. I’m not sure what to make of this one. It sounds like a subtle take off of The Who’s Tommy. In fact, it almost sounds like The Who meets Alice Cooper. The one thing they could have left out are the annoying over-done ju-harp effects.
Sailor – Traffic Jam: This is a nostalgia song. I’m not sure if this was influenced by Weird Al’s original composition of the same title or if it was the other way around.
After The Fire – One Rule For You: ATF as they were known was a band from the early 80s. Yes, the same ones with the brief hit “Der Kommissar” under the name Falco. This song was also a minor hit for a brief time.
Argent – Hold Your Head Up: Who doesn’t know or has not heard this one? Sadly, this is not the complete version by any stretch.



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