LAAS (Los Angeles Audio Show)-The Premier!

“Step inside! Hello! We’ve a most amazing show
You’ll enjoy it all we know
Step inside! Step Inside!” – (borrowed from Karn Evil 9 by Emerson, Lake and Palmer)

Roll up, roll up, roll up! Premier Audio Show on the West Coast in Los Angeles, (a music capital). Are you thinking “why would I want to attend?” or “I thought these shows were only for audiophiles.”
Let me tell you why it is a great idea to attend the premier LA Audio Show (LAAS) no matter your music listening experience.
These days, more and more high-end audio makes are slowly coming out with lines of more “affordable” products that are a great start in the world of fine audio reproduction, but you will never hear about them or see them in big box stores or even major audio magazines for the most part. So how does one find out about these things? Audio shows, that’s how!

At LAAS, what you will see and experience is unlike anything you can have at any other event of its kind. There is so much to take in, that one may not be able to do it in a single day. That’s why this audio show is a 3-day event! One can attend one day, two days or all three.
We all know that music makes life better, even livable. Music gets us through. LAAS is a showcase for exploring the different ways music can be enjoyed. Whether you are into personal audio with ear buds, headphones and the like or full on stereo systems and components incorporating amps, speakers, turntables, digital devices and all manner of sources, there is a plethora of all things audio for everyone.
I know, you might be thinking, “These shows, is it a bunch of salespeople trying to sell me $3000 cables and expensive snake oil all day”? Believe it or not, the answer is no, it isn’t like that. (If it were, I would not go within a thousand miles of one of these shows as I have an ultra sensitive “BS and snake oil” detector with a hair-trigger).
The gear is created to serve the music – serve it to you! That’s why at LAAS you can look forward to gear that fits every budget in all things.
Music is for everyone, not just audiophiles, the well-heeled or privileged. Being an audiophile or becoming one is not a requirement. This show is for those who may be completely new to music reproduction at a level beyond what is available on the shelves of the big box stores you may be used to seeing. LAAS is aimed to renew the engagement between the listener and music. There is something for everyone and every taste from the college student or those just starting out to those who are looking to upgrade something to those who have gone deep into the rabbit hole of audiophilia.

The old audio shows for only the wealthy and eccentric are becoming relics of the past. LAAS will show you that there is high-end, high fidelity audio available to every walk of life from “entry-level” with exhibits showcasing affordable audio gear and complete systems in some rooms to extreme “extravagance” in some other rooms. You will get to see and touch and hear makes like Scansonic, Revel, Focal, Cambridge Audio, Spatial Audio, Prima Luna, MoFi, Magnapan, Lounge Audio, Hegel, ELAC, Astell & Kern, Audio Research, Dan D Agostino, Magico, Zesto, Dartzeel and much more.
There is something for everyone. LAAS is an opportunity to hear what your music really sounds like beyond MP3 and streaming and how good it can get. LAAS is about more than just gear though, gear is just the portal through which we hear our music. It is also an opportunity for discovery, education and entertainment. One does not have to be in the market for gear or anything. In fact, LAAS is also for those who are just curious. You will get to learn about and experience reproduction of music in many forms. You will get to learn what is available beyond your local megamart. You will even get to learn about things such as how to improve your sound quality with room treatment, all about vinyl, Computer audio, even how to set up a turntable yourself!
The most important thing though is the music and music brings folks together. So the biggest experience at LAAS will be one of hospitality and meeting folks and even possibly making new friends in an atmosphere of music.

So is all this starting to sound good to you, something you might want to check out for yourself?
At LAAS you will experience the following:
-Demonstrations of high-end audio gear for all budgets in over 113 rooms
-A special Dolby Atmos home theater large demo room
-A large marketplace for shopping things like records, CDs and accessories. (You will also be able to purchase from most of the exhibitors who will delightfully take your order, should you want to do that).
-A 7,000 square foot personal audio area sectioned off from other noise filled to the rafters, showcasing all manner of personal audio from ear buds and headphones to players, etc.
-Education you can’t get anywhere else in the form of special and practical seminars plus other special events
-There will also be cars and car audio, live music entertainment, food and even craft beers.
-Last but not least, you will experience great hospitality, meeting folks, hearing music in ways you may not have heard it before and perhaps even music you have not heard before, who knows?

So if you can, do yourself a favor and spend a day at the LA Audio Show, you’ll be glad you did.