John Adorney – The Other Shore

Artist: John Adorney
Genere’: New Age
Title: The Other Shore
Released: 2001
Label: Eversound Records
Format: CD
Musicians: John Adorney-keyboards, cello, acoustic & electric guitar, autoharp, 6-string fretless bass, percussion, Daya Rawat-vocals, Richard Hardy-bamboo flute, alto flute & pennywhistle, Chris Bleth-oboe & English horn, Ronnie Margolis-drums, tablas, congas, Adam Adorney-wind chimes
Producer: John Adorney, David Sinensky, Maggie Worthington
Mastering Engineer: Gavin Lurssen

While the first album sounding like the same song repeating, this album has a bit more to keep one’s attention.
This being a CD and recorded for CD the sound quality is automatically 5 stars on my rating system

1) Free – This tune has slight world percussion with guitar and synthesizer being the featured instruments.

2) The Other Shore – Obviously the title track. This is a song about passing of a loved one, meant to bring comfort. It features some middle-east flavored percussion, female vocals, piano and synth.

3) The Crossing – This song has kind of a journey feeling – imagine you are a passenger in a car on a road trip along a smooth road with beautiful scenery. That’s the picture I get in my mind.

4)When The Flower Meets The Rain – Percussion on this track is almost native American in sound. I’m not sure what effect this song is supposed to have though.

5) As My Heart Desires – This track has an almost early century feel, especially with the flute.

6) Kulan Tai Ulam (heart of a child) – This is a more up-tempo song with female vocals and has a kind of native flavor.

7) Thinking Of You – This up-tempo ballad is uninspired in my opinion. Just the same line on repeat for 4 and a half minutes.

8) Moonbird – This instrumental track with synth intro is a variation of another song of the same theme John Adorney wrote called “Waiting For The Moon”.

9) Awakening – This up-tempo synth based song is just a nice song in my opinion.

10) All In A Moment – A guitar based ballad

11) Entranced – This is a relaxing song


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