The Hollies – Stop Stop Stop

Artist: The Hollies
Genre: Rock, Pop
Title: Stop Stop Stop
Released: 1967
Label: Imperial
Format: Vinyl
Musicians:Allan Clarke — vocals, harmonica,Tony Hicks — lead guitar, vocals, Graham Nash — rhythm guitar, vocals, Bobby Elliott — drums, Bernie Calvert — bass guitar, piano, Eric Haydock — bass guitar, Mike Vickers — orchestral arrangements on “High Classed”, “What Went Wrong” and “Crusader”

Titled: “For Certain Because”, but Retitled: “Stop! Stop! Stop!” for the US and Canadian markets and issued with a different, full-color cover image of the group in the US market, this was also the fifth Hollies album released in the US and Canada, although the third released in 1966. It was the first Hollies album on which the track listing for all of the US, the Canadian, and the UK versions remained the same; that would not happen again until the 1970s. In addition, other markets used the title Stop! Stop! Stop! when issuing or reissuing this album, including the UK, which retitled it as Stop! Stop! Stop! for a 1971 budget-line reissue. In 1983, Liberty Records in the US reissued this album as Pay You Back With Interest without the tracks “Stop! Stop! Stop!” and “High Classed”.
Stop! Stop! Stop! was the Hollies’ last new album for Imperial Records in the US and for Capitol Records in Canada. Their next new album, Evolution, would be released in the US and Canada on Epic Records while remaining on Parlophone/EMI in the UK and would revert to having a different track lineup between the US/Canadian and UK versions.

I was a little generous with the sound rating as while the pressing is not that great, I could still tell that the recording was done right. I don’t think Imperial records ever made good pressings frankly.

Side One
1. “What’s Wrong with the Way I Live” Clarke = This song has a country flavor and great lyrics.
2. “Pay You Back with Interest” Clarke = This was one of their hits and this ballad is a favorite of mine.
3. “Tell Me to My Face” Nash = This song has a samba flavor to it and is single lead sung, no harmonies.
4. “Clown” Nash = This has a psychedelic flavor to it, maybe appropriately. Again no harmonies in this one.
5. “Suspicious Look in Your Eyes” Clarke = This 60’s pop style song is reminiscent of The Byrds in sound with the expected harmonies of course.
6. “It’s You” Clarke = This song features an interesting use of harmonica and banjo in the rock idiom.

Side Two
1. “High Classed” Clarke = This track has a folk/vaudeville sound to it with good lyrics, but it is also my least favorite tune on the LP.
2. “Peculiar Situation” Clarke = Here we have the signature Hollies sound
3. “What Went Wrong” Clarke = This tune is in a pop style you might hear Tom Jones do with the full orchestra.
4. “Crusader” Clarke and Nash = This song has a slight world flavor (mediterranean) in the style of a ballad and of course features the Hollies 3 part harmonies.
5. “Don’t Even Think About Changing” Clarke = This rock song has a Monkees sound to it, but with harmonies
6. “Stop! Stop! Stop!” = This is the title track due to the name change of the LP explained above. It has a psychedelic flavor about it. “Stop Stop Stop” was a rewrite of the song “Come On Back”, which was released as the B-side of “We’re Through” in September 1964. “Come On Back” was also written by Clarke, Hicks, and Nash but was issued under the pseudonym L. Ransford, which the three used until 1966. “Stop Stop Stop” is notable for being one of the few recordings by the group that feature Tony Hicks playing the banjo, and was the only song with that instrument to be performed live by the group. The song – like most others by the group – feature a three-part vocal harmony between Clarke, Hicks, and Nash.


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