The Best Of The Blues box set

Artist: Various
Genre: Blues
Title: The Best Of The Blues
Released: 1973
Label: Sin Qua Non
Format: Vinyl

Yes, this is a box set on vinyl, one of my infamous pickups at record fairs. You guys know me, I struggle to resist a $3 box set and the like. (I’m actually a bit picky, but still….)
Anyway, what we have here is a three record blues set encompassing the blues and the subsets therein such as Chicago Blues, Delta Blues, Piano Blues, East Coast Blues, Harmonica Blues, etc.
The artists on this collection include: James (Jimmy) Witherspoon, Richard Holmes, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Ray Charles, Johnny Lee Hooker, Brownie & Sonny, Big Joe Williams, Leadbelly, Josh White, Big Bill Broonzy, Jimmy Reed, Memphis Slim & Otis Spann.
There are very early recordings as well as somewhat later recordings. Some portions of the set though were electronically re-recorded to simulate stereo. I wish they would have left things alone, some things sound their best in mono. Usually, “electronic enhancement” or “electronic stereo” sounds absolutely awful, but in this case somehow it did not do too much damage, it sounds o.k.

I gave it 5 stars for music because it’s the blues and you can’t go too wrong with Blues.
I gave 4 stars for sound even though there are portions that are electronically simulated stereo, because in this one case it is not real bad.