Tangerine Dream – Live in America 1992 DVD

My first purchase of this group was a CD called 220 volt live and it is a good introduction to Tangerine Dream by most counts. I have always wondered what it would be like to have a Tangerine Dream concert on video and found this one titled, “Tangerine Dream Live In America 1992”. It includes a few of my favorites including a cover of Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix.

Unfortunately, this DVD is not what I thought it would be. Instead of a live concert it is more like a series of production videos with concert footage inter cut. The video starts abruptly with no introduction or build up to the first song. It does not have that live concert feel. The camera work for the live concert footage is abysmal, almost amateur. The concert was filmed at the Paramount Theater in Seattle on Oct 25, 1992. There is almost no audience reaction that can be heard except at the end. The overall sound is fine, no issues there.

I just would not recommend this DVD if you are looking for a visual live concert. Tangerine Dream is one of those groups that is better to stick with live CDs or vinyl records.