Cayin HA3 headphone amp

Applicable for headphones with impedance from 30Ω to 600Ω.
Pure sound quality with tube output.

Power Output
Frequency Respond
10Hz~100kHz (-1dB,AUX Input)
10Hz~35kHz (-1dB,USB Input,24bit/192kHz)
Digital input
USB Audio
USB Capability
USB 2.0,support upto 24bit/192kHz
0.01% (1kHz)
105dB (A-weighted)
Input Impedance
100KΩ (AUX Input)
Input Sensitivity
1.8V (AUX Input)
Input Terminal
Headphone Output
Power Consumption
Net Weight

Sweet Vinyl update

Remember I told you about the Sweet Vinyl Sugar Cube products some months ago.

Well, here is an update (provided by Michael Fremer) on the products. There are two incredible products. One can record as well as remove clicks and pops without degradation to the music and the other does the same, but does not record. They are not inexpensive devices, but you get a ton for the money. If you have the scratch and really desire one of them, it is well worth pursuing in my opinion. I demoed their beta versions twice ans was impressed each time. Now they have added some stuff and really impress.

From Michael Fremer Analog Planet:

JDS LABS Objective 2 Headphone Amp – Built to last

I already have a Schiit Magni headphone amp for my main system, which was necessary due to the fact that the main system amp I presently use can not drive my AKG K7xx cans and is also not that impressive with my other cans either. This is in spite of the main amp’s 140 wpc ability. As with all modern gear, the headphone jacks are just after thoughts and some seem to be almost merely cosmetic with no real function. With that soapbox statement out of the way, on with the subject at hand.

I also have a vintage system and while the headphone jacks on those old great receivers of yesteryear were real and used often but, time is a cruel master. So at my vintage amps age of around 45 years, it is already a wonder that they still sound great. However, like the rest of us, things start to kind of get rusty. So with plugging my cans directly into the old headphone jacks on the old amps, while they can drive anything, they were cutting in and out and noisy. So it was time to get a separate headphone amp. Continue reading