The hyperbole of audio show reviews

Don’t buy hyperbole!
It seems most of what I see in reviews of audio shows is either hyperbole or someone with a chip on their shoulder getting out their carving knives to slice and dice everything and everyone unfairly. (I know one exception to that rule). In my opinion, I think that many reviewers and most folks for that matter don’t fully realize what audio shows are really about (and certainly don’t realize what it takes to put one on, but everyone is not expected to know that part of it of course). In other words, I think expectations are set too high sometimes. Yes, one should expect the best possible sound given the room that gear is in and that the gear should work as advertised. The key here is “best possible sound in the given room”. Hotel rooms can be challenging environments acoustically by nature, but some living rooms can be odd as well, so it is not much different. Also consider the walls and floor. Walls in hotel rooms are very thin and if you are not on the ground floor, that adds another dynamic to deal with as the floors above ground level are very bouncy both physically and acoustically.

So, is it wrong to expect good sound at an audio show? Continue reading