What’s In The Record Bag January 2018

Yes, folks, it is that time. Time for another installment of What’s In The Record Bag. I actually only got 3 records in this trip to my almost monthly local record fair, but I am listing only two here. The third is a record I already have, but hopefully a better copy. I will get around to reviewing it later and figured I would just show the more interesting ones.

First, by now you know my predilection for picking up the strange record or certain sampler / various artist records. Here is the one for this time:

This second record is a box set of classical music. I have been listening to more classical music of late, but I already have a lot of classical on both vinyl LP (4 big box sets already) and CD and I was not looking for anymore except for some baroque. This set is not baroque, but it is very old, I estimate around the very early fifties. It is also original of course and pressed and printed in Germany. It was also $2, so I decided I would be stupid not to buy it!

Ok, that’s it for now.

What’s in the record bag – November 2017

Hello everybody, it is time for another episode of “What’s in the record bag”. This time is for November 2017. I just returned from my local record fair. After months of being skunked or very slim picks, I finally did pretty well this time. So let me show you what I picked up. Continue reading

What’s in the Record Bag – October 2017

“Howdy” folks as they say, it is time once again for another installment of What’s In The Record Bag, this is for October 2017. I went to my local record show today and here is what I picked up:

Don’t mind the writing on the cover, it is actually on the plastic sleeve, so no harm done.
Some of you may know of Tangerine Dream. Vinyl copies of their LPs are not easy to find and not at a friendly price usually whether new or used. I paid $12 for this one, which is the most I have ever paid for a single LP. However, I did so for the reason I just stated, I very rarely see these in the wild so with the seller knocking 20% off, I had to do it. The other underlying reason I picked this up is that i am using the same theory I use with Mannheim Steamroller: Mannheim Steamroller on CD is almost not worth it, rather fatiguing in my opinion and experience. I discovered the vinyl version of one of their LPs one day and it was a completely different experience, a richer, fuller, more dynamic sound, especially the American Gramophone label. So also have a couple of Tangerine Dream LPs on CD which sound ok, I am anticipating listening to this one on vinyl to see if the same theory for Mannheim Steamroller applies to Tangerine Dream.

I have been discovering how good this group was/is lately and ran across this LP. Yes, it is a cut out, but I don’t care about that. (I would like to know why it is done though, the reasons I have found thus far are not acceptable). This happens to be a promo white label, which is also why I picked it up. Records like that tend to be in very good condition and this one was no exception, looks to have been played maybe once or twice at most. This is typical of promo copies.

Yes, I do have a stereo version of this LP, but in my travels I have discovered the mono version to be superior in sound. This is the mono version! Finally, got one! It has a couple of scratches, but they appear to be surface scratches. Also, while one usually can’t really hear surface scratches, mono records filter out such things better somehow. So I will clean this and see how it fares.

For $2 I had to get this to complete the Neil Diamond section in my library. It is not big and I have nowhere near all his works, but I have about as much as I care to now. This was an early LP that was popular. Neil Diamond was trying to be cool I think, I’m not sure, but there is the infamous “The Pot Smoker’s Song” which only appears on this official LP. (It may be on other compilations or what have you, but I don’t know).