Mission Statement

The purpose of this website or blog is two-fold. One is to have some fun doing album reviews and such, but most importantly, is to encourage and help you re-engage with music, provide some related information and help you become aware of what affordable high-end or fine audio gear is out there.

I have often wondered why fine audio gear was so un-affordable and why I could not have stuff to help improve sound quality myself. Only recently I started looking far and wide. I really had to dig, but I finally started finding affordable fine audio gear. It was then that I realized, it’s not just about me, there are tens of thousands of folks out there who might wonder the same thing.
This became my mission. First and foremost I want to help you re-engage with your music, but I also I want to make other folks like myself who are non-audiophiles and don’t have deep pockets, but desire better sound quality aware that affordable high-end audio gear is out there if you look hard. Having good sound quality is part of engaging with music.

I want to introduce folks to good sound quality who don’t know they can have it, folks who think they can’t have it or think that affordable fine audio gear does not exist, (like I recently thought).
I want to let them know that they don’t have to spend the mortgage or $10K or even $5K on a piece to get quality. I believe that just because something doesn’t cost as much as something else, doesn’t necessarily always mean it isn’t as good or even better in some cases.

When I ask folks if they wish they had better sound quality then listening on their phones or PCs or through cheap poor quality gear, there is often times a hesitation before they answer and say, “No, I just use my phone and I’m fine with that” or similar. Well, in my opinion the real answer is in the brief moment of silence or pregnant pause. It is there that I sense what they really want to say is that they wish they could hear their music in great sound quality, but think they can’t afford it. They don’t say it though because of two reasons in my opinion. One is that they don’t know good sound quality because more often than not, they never heard it. Second, the affordable fine audio gear is almost never reported.

Just like on TV, radio and such for other products, we only hear about the super expensive cars and watches and such. Same with audio, the only thing that gets reported most of the time are the $10K and up pieces or the five and six figure audio systems.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted or obvious, everything I write in this website/blog is solely and only my opinion, view and / or experience and not necessarily professional advice or official endorsement and what have you. So please take it as 100% subjective because the audio hobby or world is subjective by its very nature. It’s almost 100% opinion save the real (not pseudo) science behind it.

Finally, but not less important, thank you for reading.