Dead Can Dance – Debut

Artist: Dead Can Dance

Genre: Rock, Gothic rock, Post-punk, World
Title: Self-titled
Label: 4AD
Format: CD
Musicians:Lisa Gerrard, Brendan Perry, James Pinker, Scott Roger, Peter Ulrich
Producer: John Fryer

Dead Can Dance is an Australian musical project formed in 1981 in Melbourne by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry. Dead Can Dance’s style is constructed of African polyrhythms, Gaelic folk, Gregorian chant, Middle Eastern mantras and art rock. Having disbanded in 1998, they reunited briefly in 2005 for a world tour and reformed in 2011, releasing a new album (Anastasis) and embarking on several tours. Continue reading

John Adorney – The Other Shore

Artist: John Adorney
Genere’: New Age
Title: The Other Shore
Released: 2001
Label: Eversound Records
Format: CD
Musicians: John Adorney-keyboards, cello, acoustic & electric guitar, autoharp, 6-string fretless bass, percussion, Daya Rawat-vocals, Richard Hardy-bamboo flute, alto flute & pennywhistle, Chris Bleth-oboe & English horn, Ronnie Margolis-drums, tablas, congas, Adam Adorney-wind chimes
Producer: John Adorney, David Sinensky, Maggie Worthington
Mastering Engineer: Gavin Lurssen

While the first album sounding like the same song repeating, this album has a bit more to keep one’s attention.
This being a CD and recorded for CD the sound quality is automatically 5 stars on my rating system

1) Free – This tune has slight world percussion with guitar and synthesizer being the featured instruments.

2) The Other Shore – Obviously the title track. This is a song about passing of a loved one, meant to bring comfort. It features some middle-east flavored percussion, female vocals, piano and synth.

3) The Crossing – This song has kind of a journey feeling – imagine you are a passenger in a car on a road trip along a smooth road with beautiful scenery. That’s the picture I get in my mind.

4)When The Flower Meets The Rain – Percussion on this track is almost native American in sound. I’m not sure what effect this song is supposed to have though.

5) As My Heart Desires – This track has an almost early century feel, especially with the flute.

6) Kulan Tai Ulam (heart of a child) – This is a more up-tempo song with female vocals and has a kind of native flavor.

7) Thinking Of You – This up-tempo ballad is uninspired in my opinion. Just the same line on repeat for 4 and a half minutes.

8) Moonbird – This instrumental track with synth intro is a variation of another song of the same theme John Adorney wrote called “Waiting For The Moon”.

9) Awakening – This up-tempo synth based song is just a nice song in my opinion.

10) All In A Moment – A guitar based ballad

11) Entranced – This is a relaxing song


David Arkenstone – Valley In The Clouds

Artist:David Arkenstone
Genere: New Age,
Title: Valley In The Clouds
Released: 1987
Label: Narada
Format: CD
Musicians:David Arkenstone – keyboards, grand piano, guitar, harp, fretless bass
Daniel Chase – organic and electronic percussion

David Arkenstone is an American composer and performer. His music is primarily instrumental, with occasional vocalizations. His music has been described as ‘soundtracks for the imagination.’ Recently he has written music for video games, including World of Warcraft, and for television, including NBC’s Kentucky Derby. He has received three Grammy Award nominations for his work.

My favorite track on the Cd is “Ancient Legend”. It just feels like a positive tune that is relaxing with a sort of native American vibe. The title track has a subtle tribal feel to it. Another track I will highlight is Track number five, “Eastern Dream”. This is a very ambient track that is relaxing and dreamy, if you will with almost an Asian feel in the background.
The rest of the CD is nothing special.

SOUND: It’s an eighties CD, digitally recorded,so it sounds like it should.