Videos for your viewing pleasure

I may soon be working on some of my own, we will see, but I know most folks enjoy watching videos, especially ones of interest. My friend, Michael Fremer of Analog Planet has done some great videos, some of which I have already put up on my site. (Yes, with kind permission, always get permission folks).
Anyway, he has done quite a few that I think you would find interesting, I know I enjoy them. So to that end I have decided to share some more of them with you. Not only videos from Michael, but other sources as well-chosen selectively. Some may be a bit old and some may be very current depending on topic.

So here I present the first video: This is a video tour of the largest record pressing plant in Europe. It is called Record Industry oddly enough and located in the Netherlands.

Tom Petty honored as Musicares person of the year!


Tom Petty accepts his award at the MusiCares Person of the Year tribute at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Tom Petty accepts his award at the MusiCares Person of the Year tribute at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP)

Well, it’s about time! Tom Petty has always had a big heart and really cares about others.
I knew someone who lived next door to Tom Petty in Malibu. (Tom had his Malibu house burn twice in the big fires). In fact in the second Malibu fire Tom was home and as the fire started hitting the homes on the tract including his own. Instead of paying so much concern for his own, he went and made sure his neighbors were ok and helped get them out and that included non-famous folks too.
Anyway, the next door neighbor I knew once told me what it was like living next door to Tom Petty. What he described in part started with the word “quiet”. Tom is a quiet neighbor, and a regular guy. He’s been known to step out of his house in the morning with a coffee to get the paper just like most folks. He doesn’t have loud parties and if he has a gathering of a size, he alerts the neighbors just like you should. One day my acquaintance was having a get together and saw Tom out in his front yard and while a little timid, he went and invited him over for that night. He did not think Tom would really come over, but he came knocking on the door with a bottle of wine and some cheeses and he brought one of his guitars. My acquaintance was also a non-famous artist and he shared a new song with Tom who in turn shared a couple of songs with the gathering as well.
My acquaintance said Tom is just that quiet super nice guy you want as a neighbor.

Tom has proven his thoughtfulness many times before. About a year or two ago someone broke into the studio he was working at and stole his prized guitars. Later they found out it was the security guard that did and then took them to a pawn shop. The owner of the pawn shop heard about the theft and recognized what he had taken into his shop from the description given. The pawn shop alerted the police and they alerted Tom Petty. Mr. Petty came to that pawn shop himself and thanked the owner for taking care and gave him front and center seats to the show he was doing a week later. The owner being a Petty fan was very grateful as was Tom.

Those are just tiny examples of how Tom Petty is. Tom is also a man about peace in real ways and a humble guy to boot by all accounts.

Well deserved Mr Tom Petty, well deserved!!!!